Hospitals are so stressful. I wanted to make an installation that allowed for a break and maybe a fun and relaxing experience. I  interviewed health practitioners; a geneticist, a yoga guru, a natropath, and philosophers of sciences asking what is disease?  The answers were of course quite different but they what was common was a fluid attention and precision of thoughts about the subject. 

The Harmonograph project consisted of a drawing machine placed in an occupational therapy waiting room of a psychiatric hospital for 3 months. I put up posters around the building encouraging everyone to come try the drawing machine. I also adhered a whiteboard for people to write comments and I came regularly to document the project.

The response was all positive. Mostly people talked about the drawing experience taking them out of their mind in some way to a place more universal and balanced. I discovered when I was dismantling the installation that many of the maintenance and staff at the hospital also enjoyed the installation. They would come play with it during break times.