The living brain means continuous changes at the synaptic level with every new experience

with every new process of learning

Synapses are generated and dissolved

while others are preserved

in an ever-changing process of so-called neuroplasticity

Drawing lines and circles effects consciousness

Patterning forms opens consciousness

Consciousness influences brain neuroplasticity

This means that consciousness really activates synaptic flow and changes brain structures and functional organization

 The dynamic impact of consciousness on brain never stops despite the relative stationary structure of the brain


Annette Manning was born in St. John's, Newfoundland on March 1, 1968. Annette's  academic background started with a degree in Philosophy and Economics at MUN. She then decided to use the pencil in a more gestural way: she fulfilled a dream and went to art school. Annette graduated with a degree in Fine Art Visual from Grenfell College in 2000.

She has exhibited at The Rooms provincial gallery and other artist run centers in the province. Her work is collected by the Art Bank of Newfoundland and Labrador, Grenfell gallery , and various private individuals nationally and internationally.

Annette creates multi-media drawings, kinetic mobiles and sculpture. Much of her work is material based, ie, she spends lots of time blowing bubbles mixed with ink on paper, or growing crystals on ceramics, or searching dollar stores for clear high bouncing balls that hold light.  Annette constructs and builds drawings , sculptures and mobiles with these and more varied and seemingly incongruous materials. She tries to understand the world by taking toys, ideas, crystals, drugs,etc, out of their original context and showing them in a new light.